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Welcome to
Urban Farm Systems

You will soon see that the system we promote is far superior to anything on the market. By combining the benefits of raised garden beds with a chicken coop you can literally bring the farm to Suburbia.

We have used this system successfully for over three years and know first hand the benefits it can bring to the "would be" suburban "cocky".

Those already with an 1800mm x 800mm (or slightly larger) raised oval garden bed or two can have a chicken coop immediately without sacrificing any more of their back yard.

The combination of chickens and a vegetable garden has always been a symbiotic relationship fraught with danger and heads literally rolled should the two meet face to face. If you have had chickens get into your garden you will know exactly what I mean.

With the Urban Farms System* the two can live in harmony, side by side, benefiting from each others waste and excess.


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*Patent 2008221516.