The many benefits of this system

This system brings together the advantages of raised vegetable gardens with the many benefits of keeping domestic chickens.


The advantages for home gardening are.


  1. ChickensIt allows for a vegetable garden and chook pen to be established in areas that may already be concreted or paved.
  2. It can bring the farm to smaller urban lots without the negatives associated with traditional chook pens, smell, flies etc
  3. There is no handling of chicken manure and very little garden preparation as the chickens generally mix the manure with the soil as well as weed on a daily basis.
  4. The area used by the chickens can be used almost immediately after relocation of chook pen.
  5. Uneaten kitchen scraps are broken down by the chooks and turned into the soil, thus increasing the amount of organic matter in the growing bed.
  6. This system promotes the growth of earthworms, concentrating them in the area you want them to be.
  7. The rotation of different vegetable crops is easier to manage with defined areas to work with.
  8. The components are relocatable from property to property.
  9. This system reduces the time spent on weeding and managing your garden
  10. The amount of vegetables grown per bed will ensure reduced wastage and give a higher quality product.
  11. Water is directed only into growing area and will conserve this resource as well as not water weeds around the garden.
  12. The eggs are easily accessible
  13. The nesting material can use shredded newspaper which can be turned into the growing bed when old paper is replaced.
  14. splat_1There is a reduction in kitchen waste going to the rubbish with the chickens turning it into fresh eggs, manure and organics into the soil. Anything that reduces the amount of putrescible waste entering our landfill facilities must be seen as a positive.
  15. Because you now have chickens and a vegetable garden there will be a tendency to want to produce compost with much of the other waste from the kitchen ie egg shells, tea bags, extra bread and grass clippings from your lawn, or your neighbour's lawn.
  16. The system lends itself to modification for a mini green house without much effort.
  17. The system is suitable for use by those whose health will not allow gardening in a conventional ground level garden.
  18. The system will be educational for children and perhaps get them away from the TV or PC for ½ or 1hr/day.
  19. A further advantage of using a raised garden bed is that snail bait can be used sparingly around the base of the bed and not around your crop. This will keep snails out of your vegetables and also keep chemical residue away from your produce and the chickens habitat. This was highlighted in a  recent television show which flagged the dangers of growing vegetables on soil around houses that had previously been sprayed with chemicals to kill termites.


vegiesThe benefits to the chickens are;


  1. They are free to dust bathe.
  2. The chickens are in a stress free environment with their own kind.
  3. They have the opportunity to Roost.
  4. They have the opportunity to nest.
  5. They can move around freely.
  6. They are protected from weather. The roof is insulated, to stop radiated heat affecting the chickens
  7. They are protected from predators.
  8. The control of insect pests is simple due to ease of cleaning.