How it works

The Chicken coop, once assembled, is lifted at each end of the pen and placed on top of an 1800mm x 800mm corrugated raised garden bed.

The bed should ideally be positioned East / West to provide maximum shade in summer and maximum sun for the Chickens in Winter. This aspect will also be beneficial for growing your vetetables. 

If the bed has not been used before, fill to within 400mm of the top with sand and then 400mm of potting mix. (800mm high bed) Ensure the reticulation pipe is fitted prior to filling with sand and also that the bed is level all ways. The locators attached to the Coop ensure the pen will not move on the base.

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The drinker and feeder can be hung inside from the center support bracket that supports the roof, however we strongly recommend that your feeder and drinker are mounted on the outside, giving the chickens more room. You can then add three Isa brown or hyline type chickens. (You can put up to 4 bantams in the pen) I keep 3 Araucana's, which are a smaller South American breed. They come in Lavender, Partridge, black or white and lay beautiful sky blue eggs.

After approx 6-8 weeks you may need to add soil as there will be some breakdown of organics and settling of the mix. After another 4-6 weeks you lift the pen and move the chicken coop to another raised garden bed and plant your vegetables in the "enriched" soil left by the chickens. This process is repeated over and over, gradually building up the soil condition.

Moving the Coop


Moving the coop is a matter of disconnecting the water and coaxing the Chickens into the Roost area, slipping three pieces of 12mm dowel horizontally through the mesh in a way that will block the opening. You may even bribe them into the area with some wheat. Once the Chickens are locked away you can lift the pen one end whilst another person lifts the other end, lifting high enough to clear the locators at the front of the roost and nest boxes. Move to new location and reverse the procedure, remembering to reconnect the water.

Here I use three pieces of aluminium from an old tv aerial


Size does matter!

Size View


The area needed for an Urban Farms Chicken coop to house three Pullets is only 4 metres x 1 metre which includes room at each end to gather eggs and access the roost area.

Additional raised beds will require a similar amount of the yard with a 1 metre gap between beds.

The Chicken Coop can be sold and freighted in a "Flat Pack" form and assembly does require handy-man skills a screw driver and a pop rivet gun.